New: Bubble SearchBar

From now on, searching for contact information in different systems is a thing of the past. Get your customers all excited with the all-in-one tool: the Bubble SearchBar. The SearchBar module is available from Bubble version 3.25.0 and higher. With the SearchBar desktop application, you have a handy tool that allows you to instantly look up contact information. You can choose to place the search bar on your desktop by default or bring it forward with a hotkey.

From this contact information, you can directly start an outbound call (based on click-to-call), send an e-mail or open the customer card directly. The SearchBar searches the following sources:

  • Contact information in CRM software (if supported)
  • Phone book from telephony platform (if supported)
  • Colleagues in the Bubble webportal

Check for more detailed information our knowledgebase (click here)

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